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The overall level of traffic signal control machine
Author:Shenzhen ZhongAn Traffic Technology Co., Ltd     Time:2016/6/12 15:10:43     Click:139
Since the 1970s, China's self-developed signal from the time, the domestic level of signal quality between dozens of years has been significantly improved. Especially after public safety standards lucky "Road traffic signal control machine" GA 47-2002 embodiments, domestic enterprises in the development, production implement certification standards, improve the quality consciousness, strengthening quality management, and can produce centralized coordinated signal machine companies have significantly increased, on the whole, China's manufacturing and R & D signal level and the signal level of technology have been significantly improved.
    However, the current situation of the industry, generally small scale enterprises, research and development, innovation is not strong, multi-product multi-type signal a timing period for the mainstream, to develop production systems coordinated signal is not a lot of business. Another signal is used by many cities have local traffic management department developed a simple structure. Single function. Third quarter of 2003 Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the domestic production of machine can signal the national quality supervision and spot checks, smoking products pass rate was 36.4%, basically reflecting the signal quality domestic level. But also let us clearly see that the overall level of signal and signal abroad there is a certain gap.