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Installation of traffic lights catenary (wood) a list of what needs attention
Author:Shenzhen ZhongAn Traffic Technology Co., Ltd     Time:2016/6/12 15:08:09     Click:144
1. Check the vertical support required hole position, depth and diameter.
2. detect vertical or adjust vertical support. Backfill compaction test status.
3. Detection of cable anchor position.
4. supervise each anchor cable installation, determine the installation execution program consistent with the manufacturer's installation. Since the condition for underground installation method or vendor may not satisfy the conditions of minimum load bolt or bolts for all load test.
5. Check all cables vertical support hardware installation. In the pedestrian zone to ensure the cable hardware vertical or horizontal clearance.
6. Check the vertical support install all horizontal catenary, transmission lines and range lines. Confirm the location of compression insulator
7. Check the traffic lights, traffic signals across cables and transmission line installation. Confirm the minimum height above the road surface than the standard required by temporary means.