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22 outputs Fixed Time traffic Signal controller
Author:Shenzhen ZhongAn Traffic Technology Co., Ltd     Time:2016/6/28 10:28:55     Click:0

22 outputs Fixed Time traffic Signal controller

Intelligent traffic signal controller is used to control the traffic flow in multiple ways at an intersection.
Intelligent traffic signal Controller can used for individual intersection control, or as a system component of a comprehensive Traffic Management System.

Model: ZA-22-C

Product Functions and Technical Features:

1. Built-in central control system,more reliable and stable.
2.Outdoor cabinet equipped with lighting protection and power filtering device.
3.Easy for maintenance and function extension by adopting modular design.
4.2*24 work periods for workday and holiday setting.
5.32 work menus can be adjusted in any period time.
6.Each menu can include 24 steps and each step time set 1-255s.
7.The flashing state of each traffic light can be set and time can be adjusted.
8.Yellow flashing time at night can be set as customer want.
9.Able to enter emergent yellow flashing stata at any time.
10.Manual control can be achieved by random and current running menu.

Technical specifications:

Item Technical Parameter
Executive Standard GA47-2002
Working Voltage AC85V-265V
Working Frequency 47Hz~632Hz
Each Output Drive Capability 1300W
Working Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Relative Humidity <98%
Insulation value ≥100MΩ
Setting Plan Saving Time 10 years
Time Error Year error <2.5minutes(in the condition of 25±1℃)
Inner Cabinet Dimension 425*220*250mm
Outer Cabinet Dimension 550*400*950mm