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Angola Transportation: five advantages of LED traffic lights
Author:Shenzhen ZhongAn Traffic Technology Co., Ltd     Time:2016/6/12 15:53:23     Click:0

Advantages Angola LED traffic lights traffic very much. From the actual situation, we can summarize a few below:
 1, LED light directly into electrical energy by the heat generated is very low, almost no heat. LED traffic lights cooled surface to avoid burns maintenance staff, and a longer life can be obtained.
 2, halogen bulbs and so are less LED traffic lights are fast response times, thereby reducing the incidence of post accident.
 3, LED light source advantages in energy saving is very clear, low one notable feature is its energy consumption, which is the lamp applications is significant. LED traffic lights almost 100% LED excitation energy becomes visible, compared to incandescent bulbs have become 80% heat loss, only 20% become visible.
 4, lamp working environment is relatively harsh, cold summer, sun and rain, and thus high reliability lamps. The average life expectancy is generally lights with incandescent bulbs is 1000h, the average life expectancy and low voltage halogen bulb is 2000h, high maintenance costs arising therefrom. LED traffic lights without filament shocks cause damage, but relatively no glass breakage problems.
  5, LED traffic lights under continuous light, rain, dust and other adverse weather conditions, can still maintain good visibility and performance indicators. LED light emitted monochromatic light, there is no need to use color film to produce red, yellow and green color signals; directional light emitted from the LED, and a certain divergence angle, which can be used instead of the traditional lights aspheric mirrors. This feature of LED lights to solve the traditional presence of the phantom (commonly known as false display) and color film bleaching, improved luminous efficiency.
 Because of the important role of traffic lights in city traffic, every year a large number of traffic lights need to be updated, and thus leads to a relatively large market, after all, is also conducive to high-margin LED production and design of the company's development for the entire LED industry is concerned It will produce good stimulation.
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